01 / 2017

Tax on Real Estate Transactions in Peru

While many countries have recently seen the real estate sector fall dramatically, the demand for housing and real estate properties in Peru remains strong.

30 / 2017

Being Hired as a Foreign Worker by a Peruvian Employer

As with most countries’ approach to the employment of foreign workers, Peruvian regulations establish certain...

30 / 2017

La tributación en el Perú de la asistencia técnica en los contratos internacionales

El dinamismo y la excelente reputación de las empresas francesas no se limitan  a las actividades de la alta costura, perfumes y gastronomía

29 / 2017

Obtaining a Rentista Visa in Peru

From experience, we may note that there are more and more foreigners who consider retirement in Peru.

28 / 2017

Legal Issues When Buying Property in Peru

Whatever the objective of buying a plot of land, a flat, or a house, you always need to be aware of the main legal issues of such a process.

27 / 2017

Le consortium dans les appels d´offres avec l´État péruvien

Il ne semble pas avoir de doute qu´au Pérou les entreprises privées aient pour principal « client » l´État péruvien.

25 / 2017

Guidance for inheritance in Peru

Foreigners who reside in Peru can be in for an unpleasant surprise when attempting to draft or execute a will within Peruvian territory.